New Fuelling Module : clearer, safer, more intuitive and at the cutting edge of techology


Fruit of our experience in the refuelling industry, the New Fuelling Module by TITAN AERO, coupled with the very last EZ Control technology, revolutionizes airport refuelling operations. Extremely easy to use and highly safe, this new concept makes refuelling & maintenance operations much easier, intuitive and perfectly handled.

Its pioneering design offers a daily refuelling operations dedicated zone and another one specifically dedicated to maintenance, allowing an irreproachable clarity of the control panel. The digitalization of the control panel with EZ Control represents a real breakthrough towards the future and offers an incomparable experience: the new 2.0 Fuelling Module is definitely forward-looking.

TITAN AERO range of refuelling equipment is now equiped with this 2.0 module and therefore offers the most powerful and innovative standard equipment of the market.

  • More Design
  • More Safety
  • More Practicality
  • More Simplicity
  • More Modernity


  • Based on the SMART Frame® construction process : 3D design of each element, laser cutting, anti-corrosive treatment and bolted assembly

  • SKD approach : particularly adapted to international projects, it can be shipped as a module to any place around the world, offering an easy local integration and substantial transport savings.

essai module 2.0 2



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