Standard vehicle specs


230m3/h – 3850 LPM


Low Profile Design (Max unit height = 2100 mm)


1 reel underwing line - 55m3/h - 900 LPM
2 deck underwing lines – 230m3/h - 3850 LPM


Water Separator Filter


Meter with electronic readout


Lifting Deck


4 X 2


A wide range of options are available on demand

TITAN AERO designed a low profile and high flow rate hydrant dispenser. This refuelling vehicle, intended for aircraft refuelling on airport with hydrant systems, was developped to answer our customer needs: performance, safety, manoeuvrability, easy maintenance, and easy acces to planes with its "low profile" design. Thanks its 230m3/h flow rate, this hydrant dispenser truck could refuel jumbo jet, from hydrant system on airport. The standard hydrant dispenser could be customized with different options, like extinguisher kits, quality control parts, or equipment to improve operator comfort.

TITAN AERO hydrant dispensers are equipped with EZ Fuelling technology, to reduce CO2 emissions during refuelling operations, and the fuelling assistant EZ Control, a tab to guide operator. TITAN AERO hydrant dispenser range includes also a low flow rate hydrant dispenser and a 230m3/h hyrdant dispenser.


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