Your new generation refuelling interface

is your new Refuelling Human Machine Interface or should we say your new Refuelling Assistant.
“EZ” was chosen because it aims at facilitating the refuelling process for the operator and “Control” was chosen because it allows the operator to have a complete control over his operation and to work in the safest conditions.
It is a real guide in the refueling process, for the refuelling operator but also for the operations office, who benefits from many data management options (data recording, automated tests, reporting…).
The traditional control panel is entirely digitalized and now works on a very innovative wiring system.

Main assets

  • Conceived specifically for aircraft refuelling 

  • Totally safe for the operator 

  • Integrable on all types of airport aircraft refuelling equipment

  • Touch-screen, robust, modern and ergonomic

  • Easy to use 

  • Modular

4 Packs for a wide range of options

ez control packs


avitaillement digital