aircraft refueller 38000L

Standard vehicle specs


38 000L


1 overwing line - 12m3/h - 200 LPM
1 reel underwing line - 55m3/h - 900 LPM
2 deck underwing lines – 150m3/h - 2500 LPM


Water Separator Filter


Meter with electronic readout


Lifting Deck


8 X 4


A wide range of options is available on demand

TITAN AERO 38 000L aircraft refueller has the biggest tank capacity on rigid chassis. TITAN AERO range includes also semi-trailer aircraft refuellers, froms 35 000L to 65 000L. The JET refueller is equipped with the same technologies and innovations as all other range equipments. Its elevating platform facilitates aircraft access during refueling airplane operations.

Its design is made to ensure safety for operators and facilitate maintenance of the aircraft refueler truck, on a day-to-day basis and for curative maintenance. The SMART Frame process is designed to facilitate on-site maintenance. The vehicle is composed of a set of elementary structures screwed together. In the case of one or more of these parts are damaged (by a collision for example), Titan Aero can easily provide exact parts replacement. We unscrew the damaged parts and replace them with new ones. TITAN AERO SERVICES team remains at your disposal for training modules for your staff, for commissionings and for maintenance.

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