Semi Trailer Aircraft Refuellers 35.000L

Standard vehicle specs


65 000L - 2 axles


1 overwing line - 12m3/h - 200 LPM
1 reel underwing line - 55m3/h - 900 LPM
2 deck underwing lines – 150m3/h - 2500 LPM


Water Separator Filter


Meter with electronic readout


Lifting Deck


4 X 2 + Semi-trailer


A wide range of options are available on demand

The 65000L semi-trailer aircraft refueller is our range vehicle with the biggest tank capacity. Furthermore, aircraft refueler trucks could be used with aviation trailer to increase the carried fuel volum, and to make aviation fuelling operations for jumbo jets. This JET refueler with a large capacity is equipped with elevating platform, which enables into-plane fuelling more quickly to reduce plane stopover time. Every TITAN AERO standard refueling trucks are designed with modern and ergonomic fueling module and digital interface EZ Control.

TITAN AERO has a large range of aircraft refuellers, for all capacities, to answer our customers specific needs. We realize also customized projects if our range vehicles are not compliant with your specifications. We can of course realize aircraft refueller with bigger capacity than 65 000L for customized projects : contact us to discuss about this. 

Expert in customized projects

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