Standard vehicle specs


150m3/h – 2500 LPM


1 reel underwing line - 55m3/h - 900 LPM
2 deck underwing lines – 150m3/h - 2500 LPM


Water Separator Filter


Meter with electronic readout


Lifting Deck


4 X 2


A wide range of options are available on demand

TITAN AERO refuelling vehicles range consists of 2 parts: aircraft refuellers, rigid or semi-trailer, from 5 000L to 65 000L, and hydrant dispensers, from 150 to 230m3/h. TITAN 150m3/h hydrant dispenser truck is designed for commercial airports with hydrant system. The vehicle is the link between hydrant system and aiplanes, through different components: filter, meter, pressure controller...

This hydrant dispenser is availabe on stock and could be delivered quickly, with some custom-options. Made with the latest brand innovations, this standard refueling vehicle is equipped with EZ Control digital interface, which permits to guide operators during airplane refuelling, ensure safety and also facilitate maintenance. This truck-mounted hydrant dispenser has  EZ Fuelling technology, to reduce fuel consumption during aircraft refueling: operation could takes place even with the engine off. This standard hydrant dispenser is equipped with elevating platform.

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