Standard vehicle specs


20 000L


1 overwing line - 12m3/h - 200 LPM
1 underwing line - 55m3/h - 900 LPM


Water Separator Filter


Meter with electronic readout


4 X 2


A wide range of options are available on demand

20 000L TITAN AERO aircraft refueller on Debrecen airport

TITAN-RR20 aircraft refueller is a flagship vehicle in the range, with a tank capacity of 20 000L. This refueling vehicle is equipped with a 2.0 fuelling module for easy maintenance and safe operations. 20 000L JET refueler takes part of available trucks on stock, for quick delivery, after customization of options. 

The modular design of this refuelling truck is a reference on the market, thanks its "SMART FRAME" design: Safety, Maintenance, Anti corrosion, Resistance, Transportability. SMART Frame process is made of 6 basic steps:

  • 3D modeling of each part of the vehicle structure
  • Laser cutting of all parts
  • Digital folding of the sketches
  • Rustproof treatment to optimize lifespan
  • Painting of every elements of the structure
  • Assembly by bolting to form the vehicle structure

TITAN AERO, refuelling trucks manufacturer, offers these processes to its customers as a standard for all aircraft refuelling systems, in order to give them the perfect quality for all refueling products. As aviation fuelling specialist, we still works to improve our refuelling equipment, in collaboration with users, in order to innovate and find solutions to answer specific customers needs.

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